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The design of the hotel lobby features with both Chinese and Western cultures. For example, a tremendous and magnificent marble painting, set as the background of the reception counters, vividly revives a scene of “The Dream of the Red Chamber”. Opposite the stunning painting, there engraves a plain but brilliant picture about the social customs of the Lingnan Culture. In the middle of the lobby ceiling, there is the biggest plafond décor in Guangdong Province, which imitates the palace top in ancient China. In addition, there are other eye-catching features such as the “Hundred Beauty Picture”, the “Hundred Horse Picture”, a golden statue, and wooden revolving stairs, and so forth.

* The Dream of the Red Chamber - the Golden Mural
The Mural is installed at the center of the lobby, directly facing the front entrance. It is, at present, China’s largest marble mural with a size of 24 meters in width and 6 meters in height; in-laid with over 2 kilos (2,000 grams) of gold foil. This masterpiece of art took nearly 7 months to complete and 30 workers were involved in its carving and gold in-laying.

The whole mural recounts 12 episodes from the famous Chinese classic with beautiful and exquisite ladies fleeting, playing and resting in a magnificent garden. It depicts the lavish lifestyle of a noble family.

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